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Hearing Solution of North Carolina is pleased to offer a group audiologic rehabilitation program for our patients. Participation in a supportive group program is great way to share hearing experiences, feelings and possible frustrations. Individuals engage in social comparison when they compare themselves with others in order to evaluate their own reactions, to learn about themselves, or to feel better about themselves. Social comparisons in a group setting can reassure people with hearing challenges (and their significant other) that they are managing well. Participants may find comfort in the realization that others are living with the same situations and that their reactions are typical.

Once individuals begin to accept their hearing loss, they can begin to deal constructively with the communication difficulties that hearing loss may impose. In order to achieve effective communication, the individual with hearing loss must first admit to have a hearing loss, and second, must propose solutions. Participation in an audiologic rehabilitation group is an ideal forum for teaching communication strategies, the skills to anticipate and/or repair communication difficulties. In a group, participants may have the opportunity to role-play the management of difficult situations in an assertive fashion. In a supportive group environment, individuals can share their fears about admitting their hearing loss and they can practice effective communication techniques.

There is a broad range of feelings that results from living with a person with hearing loss. Spouses of people with hearing loss have reported behavioral adjustments to ensure successful communication including: the need to repeat what they say, the need to speak more slowly, and the need to make sure they are in the same room with their partner with hearing loss. Spouses of people with hearing loss have reported emotional reactions such as anxiety, stress, frustration and embarrassment. Living with an individual with hearing loss can result in a diminished social life and less satisfaction in the marriage.

Successful audiologic rehabilitation improves quality of life for both people with hearing loss as well as their spouses. Research studies report improvement in hearing loss related quality of life post hearing aid fitting. When significant others are involved in audiologic habitation process, people with hearing loss are more likely to benefit from both their hearing aids and from a group audiologic rehabilitation program. It appears that the inclusion of the significant other in the audiologic rehabilitation process improves outcomes for both the person with hearing loss and for the significant other.

Join us for a Fun & Interactive program. 
Participation requires 2-one hour sessions from 12:00-1:00. 

2020 class schedule listed below. 

Especially designed to bring a family member or friend. Space is limited so sign up Now! 

January 15 &22

March 18 & 25

May 20 & 27

July 15 & 22

September 16 & 23

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