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December 2018



With the holidays quickly approaching, you may think this month’s article would be all about “Hearing better for the Holidays”.  We are all about hearing well at family gatherings; enjoying holiday get- togethers, as well as hearing Santa shout “Ho Ho Ho” as he makes his way down the chimney.  But I thought we should deviate from the expected.

If you have been reading my articles for the past 7 years, you may have noticed I never discuss hearing aid technology.  So this will be a first.  I have been working with hearing aids for almost 35 years.  Having worked for a major hearing aid manufacturer in Dallas, Texas before working in a clinic environment, I have never seen such positive results as we are seeing with the latest technology introduced by GN ReSound 8 weeks ago.

What makes a hearing aid wearer successful?  Technology is only part of the puzzle.  First and foremost, a person with hearing difficulty must WANT to hear better.  If they come to see us and are not ready to accept their hearing loss, we will not be successful.

In my opinion, to be successful with amplification, the following must occur:

  1. A thorough diagnostic hearing evaluation must be completed; including speech in noise testing
  2. The proper hearing aid technology and style must be chosen
  3. All hearing aids are now digital, so Jane and I must program the hearing aids properly
  4. Verification measures must be completed to ensure that our patient’s hearing aids are programmed accurately, allowing for each individual’s ear anatomy. (To date, only 30% of hearing aid fitters use verification measures.  We have two verification machines in our office.)
  5. Our patients must know how to use their hearing aids, use good communication skills and control their listening environment to be successful.

I have been working with GN ReSound since 1992.  They were the first to introduce programmable hearing aids.  They were also first to introduce the mini behind the ear devices.  Four years ago, they introduced Linx, the first hearing aid with direct connectivity to iPhones, allowing phone calls to come in through both hearing aids.

Two years ago, we were invited to be part of the beta study for Linx 3D, 3rd generation Linx.  Two months ago, Linx Quattro was released.  With each release, the results have been more positive but the leap to Quattro has been amazing.

Louise (90), who had been wearing the original Linx, decided it was time to upgrade her hearing aids.  When establishing her objectives with new amplification, she wanted to be able to understand TV, hear the pastor at church and understand her daughter while driving in the car. Louise reported “Wow!!” her preacher’s voice was as big as he is and all of her objectives have been met. 

Gloria (91) and Billie (90) both were fit with new hearing aids last month. These two ladies live in different retirement communities, but their communication issues are the same: difficulty in the dining room.  Both reported easy understanding even in background noise.  Billie has been playing cards, hearing the bids without difficulty while Gloria now understands her daughter and the preacher at church with increased clarity. Jane and I are thrilled!

Judy (61) was also fit with Linx Quattro last month. She was the focus of last month’s Senior Savvy article discussing hidden hearing loss.  As a prominent figure in our community, she reports her life has been changed with the use of her new hearing aids.  Group meetings, telephone conferences, workshops are no longer a challenge.  Fantastic!

If you would like to learn more about the services we provide or if you would like to listen to Linx Quattro, give Beth or Jamie a call at 704-633-0023.  Also, be sure to check out our new website: hearingsolutionsofnc.com.  We look forward to seeing you soon.  Happy Holidays!!