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This week we welcome back two former patients. Yes that does seem a bit odd to say. Former patients that thought perhaps they could save a few dollars and get the same result. Not quite the outcome they were hoping for.

It is an interesting fact that the beginning of a new year brings about thoughts of change.  Did you know that approximately 45% of Americans make New Year resolutions?  We imagine ourselves in that new job or smaller pants size.  A Journal of Clinical Psychology studies found that people who make resolutions, are 10 times […]

Every month Dr. Oden writes a column in the Rowan Senior Savvy under the headline “Have You Heard?” In the November 2017 Senior Savvy she shares a recent travel experience and discusses the proliferation of hearing loss.

I am an Audiologist.  Most of the time the response I receive after telling someone that is “come again?”, “say what?”  Audiologists possess amazing knowledge and skills that can change someone’s life, but we have had a difficult time spreading the word.

We’ve been involved with the hearing industry for more than 30 years, both on the manufacturing side and directly helping patients live a higher quality of life. When we treat patients, we encourage them to bring a close family member, usually a spouse. The spouse is closest to the situation and is aware of some […]

As I drive to and from work each day, I enjoy reading the church marquees that dot the road ways.  Some provide information on upcoming events; others are clever play on words as to the benefit of worship and fellowship found within their walls. One particular afternoon, after picking up some dinner at the Harris […]