This week we welcome back two former patients. Yes that does seem a bit odd to say. Former patients that thought perhaps they could save a few dollars and get the same result. Not quite the outcome they were hoping for.

Hearing Aid Performance Matters

This is Carol with Dr. Oden. Carol returned bearing gifts of pimento cheese. This past fall she made a decision to seek her hearing services elsewhere in hopes of financial savings. She purchased new hearing aids from a retail chain. She was quite surprised to learn that hearing aid performance varies greatly. There is huge difference in sound quality between the devices she purchased from the retail outlet and those fit by Dr. Oden. She visited wearing the hearing aids she received from us and hearing significantly better than with the ones she recently purchased. She hopes to return those retail devices although her return period has expired. We welcome Carol back with open arms regardless. Once a member of the Hearing Solutions family, always a member.

Hearing rehabilitation is a major life changing commitment. It’s very easy to focus on the price tag of hearing aids. That price can be deceiving. Is a lower price a better investment? Usually not, as there are several considerations when looking at the the total investment. First consideration is the quality of the device itself. This is an area where hearing aid performance truly matters as you really do want to hear well! An equally important consideration is the professional that fits your hearing aids. If the best hearing aid in the world is not programmed properly it is of no value to the patient. There are countless variables that make a difference in your path to better hearing. The anatomy of the ear is as unique as a fingerprint. Each person’s hearing challenges are different too. A true professional weighs all of these factors when fitting you in order to deliver the best performance for your day-to-day activity as well as your budget. And finally, ask what is included with the investment in hearing aids? Are you getting follow-up care? Are you receiving routine maintenance and cleaning? Each of our patients receives Complete Care with their hearing aids.

Pictured here is Bob from New London with Dr. Oden. He too came back to us this week. After purchasing hearing aids from a big box location this past fall, Bob decided to come back to Hearing Solutions of North Carolina. He returned those hearing aids, disappointed with the performance. Today he listened to new hearing technology from us. It almost brought tears to his eyes when he experienced the difference in performance. He is excited about his improved ability to hear better in all matters of circumstances. We are excited to welcome Bob back with us. Once a member of our family, always a member.

When considering hearing rehabilitation, think about what you want as a result. For most it is about improving the quality of communication with those closest to our hearts. What you ultimately select, you will wear every waking hour of every day for years to come.  And for that, hearing aid performance matters. It takes a highly trained hearing professional to maximize the hearing aid performance.

If you would like to learn how our hearing professionals can improve your communication, schedule an appointment today, 704-633-0023.