As I drive to and from work each day, I enjoy reading the church marquees that dot the road ways.  Some provide information on upcoming events; others are clever play on words as to the benefit of worship and fellowship found within their walls. One particular afternoon, after picking up some dinner at the Harris Teeter, I took a different route home.   As I passed the Second Presbyterian Church on Lincolnton Road, their message caught my attention unlike the many others.

“Come as you are, you can change inside” It hit me.  Isn’t that what we do…facilitate change.  I was so intrigued by their message; I actually turned around, drove into the parking lot and took a picture of their message.

Come as you are, with your communication challenges, and we can help bring about change at our office.  And when we talk about change yes, we start with the hearing rehabilitation process: we change how your brain makes sense of the sounds around you.  For our patient though, the change is far more reaching.  Change in improved relationships with those nearest and dearest.  Change in improved work performance.  For others, change means getting more social again…going out to dinner with friends.

There are many other changes that we are encouraging.

We need to change our perception that hearing aids are only for “old” people.  Tell that to my middle school, high school and college students.  Tell that to my working adults who are better employees because of hearing technology.  Tell that to my business owners who are more successful as a result of their hearing technology.  Tell that to my Dad who definitely did not consider himself “old”, but enjoyed conversation at the golf course and swimming pool as a result of using hearing technology. Hearing technology is for all people.

We need to change our perception of the investment in hearing technology.   We offer a wide range of options to meet hearing needs and budget.  Recently a patient Carol told me the investment in her hearing technology was the best money she ever spent.  If you don’t schedule the initial diagnostic evaluation to determine hearing ability you don’t know your options.  You may need medical intervention, counseling, auditory training or hearing technology.  We will help you find a solution.

We need to change our perception of hearing protection.  The number one cause of tinnitus, ringing in the ears, is hearing loss due to noise exposure.  How many people wished they had worn hearing protection years ago that are now listening to consistent ringing 24/7.  I have tested so many people in our office and at Pinnacle Ear Nose, Throat & Allergy who have high frequency hearing loss, experiencing difficulty understanding in background noise and look at me cockeyed at even suggesting they use hearing protection while mowing the grass, using a chain saw, going to the speed way, etc.   So many things we can control but we can protect our ears with the use of hearing protection.  The best hearing protection is the type you will use.  Let us help you with that decision.

We need to be more proactive in monitoring our hearing ability.  How do we know what we do not hear?  With our increased knowledge of the association between hearing loss and cognitive decline, regular evaluations are necessary to ensure maximum function.

Whatever your situation, come as you are and talk with Beth, Jane and myself.  The change begins inside our office…and inside our patients.  If you are ready for a change, give Beth a call at 704-633-0023. We look forward to seeing you.