04Dec 2016

In the December 2016 Senior Savvy, Audiologist Dr. Lorin Oden opines about bluetooth streaming, rechargeable batteries and bright colored hearing aids.In case you haven’t seen her “Have You Heard?” column, you can read the complete text here.

07Sep 2016

Dr. Oden pens a monthly column in the Rowan Senior Savvy. In case you haven’t seen it at your favorite store or eatery, you can read it here. This month’s column discusses a very important topic: memory loss.

08Aug 2016

We have written frequently about the connection between staying active and brain health. Long term studies show those people that are active and engaged as they age are less likely to develop cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s. Not all of us are in a position to run like the athletes featured in the video below. Another […]