Earplugs and Monitors for Musicians

Here at Hearing Solutions of North Carolina, we take particular interest in all things music.  Music is a big part of our lives and our hope is that we can help you enjoy music safely for years to come.  We have a variety of options for musicians, concert goers, & music lovers.

Interesting Fact: Did you know that concerts can often exceed 115 decibels (dB)? This can do permanent damage to your ears in less than 30 seconds!

Musicians have unique needs when it comes to hearing protection. They need to protect their hearing, but they also need to be able to hear their own music clearly, as well as hear other musicians' music and voices while performing.

A typical ear plug will reduce high frequencies much more than low frequencies, resulting in a "muffled" sound - this is unacceptable for enjoying music.  Since musicians ear plugs reduce all frequencies the same, the original music soundscape is preserved - but at a safer volume.

Musician's Earplugs

Musician's earplugs come in both custom and non-custom options. Ready-fit musician earplugs can reduce sound levels by approximately 20 dB, enough to reduce harmful sound without distorting speech or music.

These type of earplugs are deep in order to allow the earmold to seal within the bony portion of the ear canal. This deep fit reduces what is known as occlusion, a hollow or boomy sound in the musician's own voice that is sometimes experienced with lower quality earplugs. These type of deep-fit earmolds are popular with musicians because of the quality of sound they allow them to hear while practicing and performing.

Musician's earplugs are not just for musicians. They are also a popular hearing protection option for:

  • Sound crews
  • Recording engineers
  • Band teachers
  • Concert-goers
  • DJs
  • Airline personnel
  • Athletic coaches
  • NFL football players
  • Referees
  • Motorcyclists
  • Medical professionals
  • Construction workers
  • Industrial workers
  • Truck drivers
  • Working around the house
  • and more!

Custom In-Ear Monitors/Headphones

The ultimate earphone experience for musicians and music lovers.  In-ear monitors (IEMs) are traditionally marketed for musicians performing on stage to "monitor" the music they are making, while also ensuring a safe listening level.  However, these are also ideal for personal music listening.  How often have found the generic earphones that come with your listening device don't fit or are uncomfortable?

IEMs are earphone that are manufactured inside a custom molded shell, providing you with the epitome of comfort, clarity and awesomeness.  Since they are molded to your ear they also act as an ear plug, blocking out environmental noise - this allows you to naturally turn the volume down to a safer level.  IEMS are ideal for:

  • Active individuals as the custom shell provides maximum retention and comfort
  • Individual who want to listen to music but also protect their hearing
  • Musicians for stage and/or studio use
  • Sound engineers.