ReSound Hearing Aids

ReSound is a world wide leader in hearing technology. Known for superior sound quality and product innovation, in 2014 ReSound introduced the first smartphone compatible hearing aid. Aside from the sleek designs and the connectivity, patients appreciate the sound quality delivered by ReSound hearing aids. In 2017 ReSound introduced the third generation of their iPone compatible hearing aids.

ReSound LiNX 3D

Experience sound in the most natural way. Wearers describe the sound as vibrant and clear.

ReSound LiNX 3D provides effortless hearing just as nature intended. The LiNX addresses the issue most patients are concerned with: the ability to understand conversations when other noise is present. The wearer can participate in boisterous family gatherings or enjoy an intimate night at their favorite restaurant confidently.

The modern design is very sleek and discreet but engineered to be very durable. Utilizing Bluetooth technology, you can pair your hearing aids directly to your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Stream phone calls, Facetime or your favorite music straight to your hearing aids. With the free 3D Smart app you can personalize your experience in all manner of situations. The made for i-Phone connectivity is available in the full spectrum of styles and colors. Make an appointment to experience these innovative devices.

ReSound Enzo

ReSound.ENZO_TOP_650x330pxFor patients with severe and profound hearing loss, ReSound took their new smart features found in the LiNX™ products and incorporated them into a super power hearing aid. They packed a robust, powerful hearing aid in to a smaller, sleeker design. Wearers can connect with their world by connecting to a tablet or smartphone*.

ReSound Unite Accessories
ReSound Unite Accessories improve your listening experience.


ReSound offers a complete line of accessories to enhance your listening experience. The remote control, mini mic, TV Streamer and phone clip help bring you closer to the sounds around you. Ask us how the Unite accessories from ReSound can help improve your listening performance in various environments.

If you would like to learn more about ReSound hearing aids, call to set an appointment, 704-633-0023.