Thank you for keeping all of your patients up to date on the latest technology that keeps us enjoying life, not missing any opportunity to share what makes our lives easier and to hear the things most precious to us. In my case it's the sound of Forest saying Nana, hearing him giggle when we play peek-a-boo or hearing him say new words.

Deborah F.

I should have done this 10 years ago

Lee F.

The first time I put my hearing aids on, the miracle happened. With my hearing aids I am never aware of my tinnitus and conversation is greatly improved.

Peggy Hart / Salisbury, NC 28146

I was blaming everyone else for my hearing loss. My hearing aids have made a night and day difference for me.

Jewel Ogle / Mt. Pleasant, NC 28124

It has been a new experience for me. I now realize how important my hearing is and now with my new hearing devices I don’t miss what others are saying. I am more focused.

Carol Robbins / China Grove, NC 28023

I am very happy and it did not take me long to get accustom to wearing my new hearing devices. I am able to wear all day. They work!

Ben Poston / Salisbury, NC 28146

If you receive satisfaction from helping others, you have sure made a difference for me. You have helped me a lot.

Ken Prater / Rockwell, NC 28138

I encourage people to go ahead and get help for their hearing when they first notice a problem. It is so important to hear.

Brenda Linn / Salisbury, NC 28146

I would recommend to anyone with hearing concerns to go get a thorough hearing evaluation by an audiologist. If you need help with your hearing do not be to vain to wear a hearing aid. I feel with comfortable with Dr. Oden being so close to me while working with my hearing aid. I would not work with anyone else. She and Beth are very sweet.

Betty Jarrett / Cleveland, NC 27103

If you need hearing aids this is the place to be and the doctor to do it. Dr. Oden’s extensive education has enabled me to hear and understand. I have been satisfied with their service from the first time I walked in the door. Don’t settle for cheap products which cause more problems. You get what you pay for.

Bob Ennis / Salisbury, NC 28146

I am very happy with the positive impact my hearing devices have made in my day to day life. I feel I am still very young and at my age I have more confidence in myself and so glad to know what others are saying.

Paula Witkowski / Salisbury, NC 28144

In my everyday conversation, my hearing aids have made a big difference. It must be a relief to those I speak with that I no longer say “huh”. I admit my wife dragged me in kicking and screaming but we both have benefited from this experience.

Glenn Shimmel / Salisbury, NC 28146

I followed Dr. Oden from Concord to Salisbury because I have never worked with any other professional who has put forth the effort and time necessary to help me with my particular situation.

John Murdock / Mt. Pleasant, NC 28124

I now wear my new hearing aids full time and they don’t bother me like my old ones did. They even work well in the rain.

Dan Johnson MD / Concord, NC 28025

Now that I have my hearing aids I can put the pieces of a conversation together and hear the subtle sounds around me that I was missing before.

Dee Morgan / Salisbury, NC 28146

I am hearing sounds and noises that I never knew were there especially at a distance. I feel much more comfortable in private conversations and more will to attend events since I am confident I will be able to hear regardless of where I sit. I am finding my new hearing experience to be very pleasant.

Fran Schumacher / Salisbury, NC 28144

My life is 200% better after receiving my new hearing devices from Dr. Oden at Hearing Solutions of North Carolina. I have worn hearing devices for many years and was feeling depressed about my hearing ability. I am now stress free from getting people to understand me and me understand them. I feel like a new woman. I am energized and ready to get back into the flow of life again.

Anna Nix / Salisbury, NC 28146