Tinnitus Technology

Hearing loss reduces the stimulation of sound to the brain which in turn can make tinnitus appear louder. The quieter your surroundings, the louder tinnitus can seem. By correcting the hearing problem, we can decrease or eliminate the perception of your tinnitus.

Hearing aids help to improve communication with family, friends and associates, making our patient less aware of the annoying sounds from inside their head and better focus on the sounds around them.

ReSound TS

ReSound offers a game-changing approach to managing your tinnitus. It combines advanced sound therapy with the world’s smartest hearing aids. Sound therapy provides relief fromresound.Linx.smartappapp-and-aids tinnitus by diverting your attention away from it. Together with informed counseling, sound therapy has proven to be a highly effective way of managing tinnitus.

Because each case of tinnitus is unique, ReSound hearing aids let you personalize your sound therapy. There’s a choice of four built-in options. And, if you choose ReSound LiNX TS, a direct wireless connection to your iPhone ®, iPad ® or iPod touch ® gives you access to numerous sound therapy apps available on the App Store. Or, you can stream any other sound you like including music. We will work together to determine what’s best for you.

Widex Zen

Another unique approach to tinnitus management is Widex Zen Therapy which has been proven to help people with tinnitus.  Widex Zen Therapy uniquely combines sound stimulation, counseling, stress reduction and amplification – all depending on your level of tinnitus.

We offer Widex Zenas a tinnitus technology option for patientsThe Zen program helps tinnitus sufferers relax and make tinnitus less noticeable. Inspired by the relaxing effect of certain types of music, Widex developed the Zen program.  Based on what is known as fractal technology, Zen plays random, chime-like tones that can be used for relaxation and for making tinnitus less noticeable.  We are able to adjust the Zen program according to your preferences in terms of pitch, tempo and volume.

Talk to us about developing an effective tinnitus management program for you.