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  1. Why do some hearing aids cost more than others?

    Hearing aids are priced according to performance capabilities. As with most technology, the devices that do more, cost more. In general, noise reduction capabilities improve as cost rises. Hearing solutions of North Carolina will work with you to match the right technology to your lifestyle, listening needs, and budget.

  2. Which type of hearing aid works best?

    Hearing aids come in many sizes and styles and are packaged according to performance capabilities. Your individual hearing loss, listening environments, options needed, cosmetic concerns, manual dexterity, and budget factor in finding the best individual solution. Hearing Solutions of North Carolina will take the time to guide you through the process.

  3. Does insurance cover the cost of hearing aids?

    Almost all medical insurance covers the cost of the hearing evaluation. Some medical insurance plans provide coverage for a portion of the expense for hearing aids. Generally, you pay something out-of-pocket for better hearing. Our staff can assist you with discovering if, and to what amount of coverage is available.

  4. How do I care for my hearing aids?

    The following tips will extend the life of your hearing aid: 1) Clean hearing aids as instructed. Wax buildup can damage your hearing aid. 2) Avoid hairspray and other hair products while wearing your hearing aids. 3) Power off hearing aids when not in use, this will also extend battery life. 4) Keep your hearing aids away from moisture and heat. 5) Replace dead batteries immediately. 6) Store your hearing aids and replacement batteries in a secure location: away from pets and small children. 7) See your audiologist every few months for a hearing aid check up. 8) Call Hearing Solutions of North Carolina with any questions you may have. Our well trained staff will be happy to assist you. Hearing Solutions of North Carolina provides minor on-site repairs, hearing aid supplies/accessories, and hearing aid cleaning for all patients.

  5. What is a digital hearing aid?

    Digital hearing aids convert sound waves into a desired response based on your degree of hearing impairment. It is able to automatically adjust the incoming sound making soft sounds louder and loud sounds softer. This allows you to remain comfortable with the response of your hearing aid without even using a volume control. The digital response also includes information about a sound’s pitch allowing the aid to be custom-programmed to amplify certain sound frequencies more than others. Digital circuitry allows more flexibility in adjusting the aid to a user’s unique hearing loss and to certain listening environments.