Patient Reviews

I love my Hearing Aids. I think you give the best service ever and treat people great.I would recomend Hearing Solutions to every one who needs your help.

Joanne Johnson

I have had hearing aids for over ten years. Prior to going to Dr. Oden at Hearing Solutions, I had gone to a prestigious firm in Greensboro, NC. They had fitted and adjusted two different sets. In October 2021 and again in February 2022, I retained the services of "Hearing Solutions." They are marvelous! Their patient relations, their latest " tech" equipment, their skills in diagnosis and adjustments, and their success in improving my hearing is most impressive. I recommend them highly. Though I now live 48 miles from Salisbury, I shall remain under their professional care and personal caring. Dr. Donald W. Haynes

Don Haynes

I have been very pleased with the staff at Hearing Solutions in Salisbury, from the start when I had my first visit where my hearing was tested. After deciding to get the hearing aids, sometime during the first year my receiver came off of one of my aids. Dr, Oden input a new one quickly during a drop in visit. Our family was going through some rough times when I started this hearing aid process. Jane was very compassionate and prayed for us. I am just starting my second year with my hearing aids. Jane changed the way that notifications came through my hearing aids, at my request, at my first year check up. As it turned out, I didn’t like the way that I had requested. I dropped by the office a few days after my scheduled visit, and Jane fixed it back for me. They are good people to work with

Karen Michael

I have been coming to Hearing Solution for several years now. The staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable in every way. If an issue arises, they provide swift and meaningful efforts to get any issues addressed and take care of. I love my hearing aids!

Denise Dalton

I love my hearing aids. They have changed my life. The ladies at hearing solutions are great, I mean GREAT. Their so ready to help you with any problem. I’ve had a few minor issues and they were so nice to help me. I recommend them to any one who needs help hearing .

Martha Shue

Very professional staff, doctor was very nice, expert in the field, caring and helpful. This was an awesome experience and i would highly recommend this practice for all your hearing needs. A++++++++

Mark Hartsell

For 50 years I dealt with steadily declining hearing loss initiated by being stuck in the turret of a V-100 sporting twin .50s. Everyone that I spoke with told me there was nothing that could be done. They were wrong! I found Hearing Solutions shortly after my last move and decided to give them a shot. BEST decision I ever made! They conducted a thorough exam, tested my hearing capabilities then made a recommendation. My hearing may never be perfect but, now I can understand and participate in conversation and once again enjoy the sounds of nature around me. Don't waste one more day! Call them and let them help you like the did me!

Dave Mcmannamy

I felt comfortable and confident with the care I received. I’ve been very satisfied so far though I’m just starting the journey with my hearing aids.

Scott Hay

The best group of ladies a person with hearing problems could ever run into. They are all Doctors in each and everyone's job. Dr. Oden did a very good job putting this team together. I love this office. Thanks for all the options I was given on very good choices in buying my new hearing aids. You couldn't go anywhere else to get this great kind and caring service.

Rob rohrbaugh

It's as simple as A, B, C. A - Always, Hearing Solutions personnel provides professional and courteous treatment. They provide the personal touch. B - Better hearing and follow up care. You will be satisfied with your devices/care. C - Constantly educating patients on hearing problem and treatment plans. The staff provides updates on new devices/technologies and ideas to maximize your care. Super experience.

Russ Evans

My experience with Hearing Solutions is outstanding. Hearing aids are a personal need and at Hearing Solutions the entire staff treated me like I was their only client (not a one size fits all). The follow up appointments are so helpful, making sure the hearing aids are set for my needs and to help me realize they are a tool to enhance my quality of life. I can't thank you enough.

Dolores Bell

I was frustrated because I was having trouble hearing what people were saying in small groups at church. The hearing aids have made a big difference, I am hearing and understanding so much better. Thank you to the entire staff for being so caring and listening to me when I tried to explain what I was dealing with. I highly recommend Hearing Solutions of NC in Salisbury NC.

Nancy Trexler

Dr. Oden, Jane, Diane and Jamie who have worked with me are great people. I was amazed how much clearer words were in conversations with noise in the background and understanding low tone voices. Staff are friendly and treat you like family. They listen to you and take the time to help you and design the hearing aids to meet your needs. Hearing devices have all natural sound and work great.

Jamie Hoffner

Hearing Solutions in Salisbury, NC is a great hearing aid clinic. The staff is both professioinal and courtesy. They are concered with their patients' hearing and are always willing to listen and help. I recommend Hearing Solutions of NC in Salisbury for anyone having hearing loss.

Judy Haire

very comfortable every one is helpful very friendly. hearing aid can be paired with phone

Beverly terry

It was a very good experience. I've already recommended Hearing Solutions to 3 people.

Missy Shives

Best hearing test, better than the fly by night (so to speak) none certified outlets. Everyone there are very professionals, and want to do anything they can to help. If you have a problem after receiving your aids, they will work into their schedule asap. I recommend this company to anyone.

Marjorie Sisk

After having my hearing issues significantly improved by Hearing Solutions, I can not imagine going anywhere else. Dr. Oden and her team offer quality products, and they also always provide exceptional customer service, integrity, professionalism, a friendly, welcoming staff and office environment, and a sincere desire to help each person who walks through their doors. You can tell they truly want to supply you with the aid best suited for your needs, and they patiently work with you to get the best fit possible and to ensure that everything is programmed to provide you with the clearest sounds possible. A five star experience!

Pat S

Everyone at Hearing Solutions are very friendly and always willing to help. I definitely recommend them.

Sheila Hoffman

The staff is warm and friendly. Very caring and concerned about my hearing needs. Took time to explain and made sure I understood everything about my new life experience. Also explained a lot about what to expect.

Doris Smith

Everyone was very helpful with everything. I felt that I was cared for.

Laura Brooks

Everyone at Hearing Solutions have been super nice and professional. They were great to work. I would recommend Hearing Solutions to everyone

Bonnie Hill

My experience was outstanding. Hearing aids are a personal need and at Hearing Solutions the entire staff treated me like I was their only client, and not a one size fits all. They make sure the hearing aids are set for your needs and to help you realize they are a tool to enhance your quality of life. I can't thank them enough

Dolores bell

Delighted. Caring staff. Efficient on all areas I experienced. Front desk most helpful arranging follow up appointments in conjunction with my wife’s appts.

Bob Byrd

I have always felt comfortable working with the professionals and staff at Hearing Solutions of NC. Using the current jargon, working with them is always a “user friendly” experience. I know for sure that their objective is to find the best solutions to both our physical and emotional concerns. The focus is on providing the latest technology available matched with our individual needs. I followed one of the ladies to this office when she joined the practice. What a smart move on my part!

Grace Davis

I LOVE you all! This is my 3rd set of hearing aids with your organization and I look forward to being one of your customers for years to come. I am so very happy to be one of your many satisfied friends -- and especially love dealing with Jane and the others on my scheduled (and unscheduled on an emergency basis) visits. Thank you for all you have done in the past and I know you will continue to do so. Jo Ingram

Jo Ingram

I felt like everyone was interested in improving my hearing. Tests were done and hearing aids were suggested, to which agreed. Everyone was helpful as I was adjusting to this new device in my life.

Monica Alfonsi

Thank you so much for working me in ASAP. Figuring out what was going on with my hearing aids (needed new download). They were driving me crazy. Y’all are tops and extremely helpful. Thanks a million!!

Teresa Jackson

Very good experience. Staff explains everything and is supportive for any questions and follow-up.

Donna Loosley

As with any major investment, the service after the sale is the key to a satisfying experience. The same is true with hearing aids. The professionals at Hearing Solutions diligently monitor your hearing progress and check your hearing equipment throughout the year.

Tony Garitta

I appreciate the help with my hearing. My husband complained to me about my not hearing, I was unaware. I was shocked to find out I had a 50% hearing loss. Yes, I wanted hearing aids! I did not realize how difficult my not hearing war for my family. I greatly appreciate help adjusting to the sounds I had been without, my balance is better, I can eavesdrop, have conversations with people. I am sent emails with tips to help. If we allow our hearing to go, life is harder for our brain, it is simply a way to take care of ourselves and be part of our family and society.

Robin McKnight