Patient Reviews

It's as simple as A, B, C. A - Always, Hearing Solutions personnel provides professional and courteous treatment. They provide the personal touch. B - Better hearing and follow up care. You will be satisfied with your devices/care. C - Constantly educating patients on hearing problem and treatment plans. The staff provides updates on new devices/technologies and ideas to maximize your care. Super experience.

Russ Evans

Everyone at Hearing Solutions have been super nice and professional. They were great to work. I would recommend Hearing Solutions to everyone

Bonnie Hill

The best group of ladies a person with hearing problems could ever run into. They are all Doctors in each and everyone's job. Dr. Oden did a very good job putting this team together. I love this office. Thanks for all the options I was given on very good choices in buying my new hearing aids. You couldn't go anywhere else to get this great kind and caring service.

Rob rohrbaugh