Custom Hearing Aids

As you might guess, custom hearing aids are uniquely designed for each individual wearer.

While “standard” types of hearing aids—such as BTE (Behind-the-Ear) or RIC (Receiver-In-Canal)—work well for most people most of the time, they’re not for everyone. For a variety of reasons, you may wish to have (or require) a custom hearing aid instead.

There are a few different types available, but the largest portion of the hearing aid is custom-molded to fit your individual ear shape. The smallest varieties are very discreet and nearly invisible when worn.

In addition to customizing the size and shape of your hearing aids, you can also choose between colors and feature sets to match perfectly with your lifestyle. We can help you navigate the options and arrive at the choices that will suit you best.

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Advantages to Choosing Custom Hearing Aids


The feature sets of custom hearing aids these days are just about as wide-ranging as you’ll find in the larger BTE and RIC hearing aids, and there are some added advantages to consider, too.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Going Custom?

While custom hearing aids these days are, for the most part, equally functional to BTE and RIC designs, they may not be for everyone.

Most Are Not Rechargeable

Because they are so small, most manufacturers do not yet offer them in a rechargeable format. This means they need to use typical zinc-air batteries, which are disposable. That also means they need to have battery doors, which makes them somewhat more susceptible to damage from moisture and debris.

More Expensive

Custom hearing aids maybe more expensive. This is partly because a mold needs to be created of your exact ear shape in order to produce your hearing aids, and partly because custom hearing aids are the ultimate miniaturization of high-level technology. If custom hearing aids are out of your price range, you’ll find that standard hearing aids can also do an excellent job.

What Else Should I Know About Custom Hearing Aids?

No one type of hearing aid is right for everyone. At your appointment we will listen carefully while you describe the kinds of things you want to be able to do with your hearing aids. It may be that a custom hearing aid is right for you, or there may be a standard option that would be perfect for you. Our conversations are important to determining which of the many options that are available is right for you.

If you choose a custom hearing aid design, we will take an impression of your concha and ear canal using a two-part silicone substance. This process only takes a few minutes and is completely painless. Then this impression is sent to the manufacturer’s specialty lab, where they create the mold and make your hearing aids. Because of this extra process, it may take a little longer to get your hearing aids than if you were to choose a standard design.

Custom Hearing Aids