Functional Hearing Assessment (FHA)

A hearing evaluation gives us a good picture of how well your ears work. During a standard evaluation, we play a series of beep tones and ask you to respond each time you hear them. We try to determine the very softest level you can hear that particular tone pitch.  Then we play some speech at different volume levels and ask you to repeat it back. This is an important part of understanding how well your ears work, but that’s only part of the picture. Let's delve deeper into a more comprehensive type of hearing evaluation called Functional Hearing Assessment.

Functional Hearing Assessment

Our ears take in sound, but we hear and listen with our brains. As hearing issues come up, our brains begin to change in response. This is where a Functional Hearing Assessment (FHA) comes in: it helps us understand how you hear in the real world.

An FHA provides a much more detailed picture of how you communicate, from your ears to your brain. If you have a hard time hearing in more complicated listening environments—like a restaurant or a busy family gathering—or have memory issues, get distracted easily, or feel that you’re losing connections to the people in your life, an FHA will help us better understand these concerns and how to address them.

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Steps of the Functional Hearing Assessment

Each Functional Hearing Assessment (FHA) is unique, so some may take longer than others. You and your significant communication partner can expect to be with us for 1½ to 2 hours. The process is completely painless. Due to the detailed nature of this evaluation, it is not covered by health insurance.


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Functional Hearing Assessment in Salisbury, NC

A detailed hearing evaluation is key to achieving the best listening improvement possible.

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