ReSound Logo

ReSound is a long-standing Danish hearing aid manufacturer and one of the five world's most prominent manufacturers. Since they began in the 1940s, ReSound has risen to great heights with its sterling reputation for quality and creativity. Through a strong emphasis on cutting-edge research and development, Resound strives to be global leaders in audiology and hearing solutions. They are recognized for groundbreaking advances in hearing loss and were the first to deliver 2.4GHz technology for direct communication in hearing aids.

Signia Logo

Signia is one of the most prolific producers of hearing aids. The business has origins dating back to 1878. After discovering that people with hearing difficulties had trouble understanding the person at the end of the call, Werner von Siemens developed an improved cell receiver. Since then, through enhanced hearing, the organization has helped millions around the world live happier lives. For over 130 years, making people hear again has become their hallmark.

Siemens was purchased and soon switched its name to Signia, which quickly introduced the Binax and Primax versions. The Primax sent shockwaves throughout the industry as the first rechargeable lithium-ion hearing aid powered by wireless inductive charging technology. Recently, Signia has been making use of AI and motion sensors in its latest hearing products.

Oticon Logo

Oticon is one of the most popular hearing aid companies globally and is part of the William Demant Holdings company, a giant in the hearing industry. Established in 1906, the Danish-born organization continues to be recognized as a pioneer in quality and innovation globally. One of their most popular hearing aids was the Opn, which was wildly successful worldwide.

Oticon, however, is not happy to rest on its previous success. The organization continues to invest in future technologies. Since the 1970s, Oticon has owned and administered a research facility mainly dedicated to hearing loss. Some of the most groundbreaking concepts in audiology research, including cognitive science and augmented hearing, are being explored by Oticon researchers. Each research objective aims to bring technology for hearing aids beyond simple amplification and into the field of smart hearing.

Phonak Logo

Phonak has a complete portfolio of hearing options for all ages. With various models to fit your specifications and preferences, Phonak hearing aids continue to be at the forefront of innovation.

Phonak has been working to provide state-of-the-art hearing technologies for people with hearing loss worldwide over the past 70 years. Phonak produces a wide variety of hearing aids to accommodate all needs and forms of hearing loss. Each Phonak product is intended to ensure maximum comfort and crisp sound.

Technology from Phonak will serve you well everywhere you go. They allow you to switch from one hearing environment to another seamlessly. Phonak earpieces often have an excellent capacity to relay speech signals between hearing aids, allowing both ears to be heard clearly.

Starkey Logo

Starkey is one of the few American manufacturers of hearing aids. They are hyper-focused on connecting people and transforming lives and believe good hearing is as essential to the human experience as breathing. The organization has become a trusted name in the hearing aid industry with this tradition of excellence.

One of their latest inventions is an iPhone-compatible hearing aid that directly beams phone calls and smartphone sound through the hearing aid into the ear. They also offer technology for reducing tinnitus and noise. They are devoted to creativity, philanthropy, and the noble craftsmanship that defines products made in America.

Widex Logo

Widex is a family-owned hearing aid business. Formed in Denmark, they are ranked among the top five hearing aid manufacturers worldwide. They have always concentrated on the advancement of technology that lets people live their lives the way they see fit. The Widex sound is famous for its clarity. Those who use Widex hearing aids appear to remain faithful to the company - a testament to the Widex brand's quality.

The business pioneered the use of machine learning in hearing aid technology with earlier launches. Widex fans are currently waiting eagerly for a hearing aid operated by a fuel cell that can carry a full day's charge with only 20 seconds of charging and never needs a battery.