Hearing Evaluations

At Hearing Solutions of North Carolina, we offer comprehensive hearing evaluations that thoroughly assess your hearing health and establish your hearing needs. This is the first step in treating hearing loss and all it requires is you scheduling an appointment!

Hearing evaluations are non-invasive procedures that carefully measure your hearing capacity in both ears.

This painless approach helps us diagnose any hearing loss, identify the degree of impairment, and understand the specific type of hearing loss you are experiencing.

Establishing your hearing needs is critical to providing informed care that meets those needs and transforms your health.

You may be feeling nervous or anxious about undergoing hearing evaluations and what comes after.

By giving you an overview of what to expect during hearing evaluations, we hope you feel better prepared and supported!

The hearing evaluation process involves the following critical steps:



Like most medical appointments, your hearing test consultation appointment will start by collecting intake information. This involves discussing your hearing health-related concerns, symptoms you are experiencing, medical history, and lifestyle factors - profession, hobbies, physical activity, etc.

There are several ways that hearing can be impaired and this information helps us get a better sense of what could be contributing to your symptoms.

This process is very critical and serves as the foundation of hearing evaluations.


Physical Ear Exam

After you have provided the necessary intake information and we’ve discussed your health concerns, your ears will be inspected. We will use an otoscope, an instrument designed to be inserted into the ear for closer examination, to thoroughly assess the outer ear, ear canal, and eardrum which are critical components of the auditory system and how we process sound.

This portion of the hearing evaluation allows us to check if there are any injuries, growths, earwax, infections, or any other type of obstruction that could be preventing you from hearing and processing incoming sound.

Functional Hearing Assessment

Hearing Exam

Next is the hearing exam! Consider this as the core of hearing evaluations.

Using advanced technology and our expertise, we will facilitate this painless and relatively simple process.

You will be in a soundproof booth which eliminates any distractions and background noise.

We’ll ask you to wear insert earphones that will be connected to an audiometer: a machine that plays sounds at different frequencies and pitches.

You will be guided through as different sounds are played and will indicate what you can hear.

This process identifies the softest sounds you are able to hear, known as your hearing thresholds, and this information will be captured in real-time.

Additional tests may include speech audiometry, tympanometry as well as oto-acoustic emission.

All of these different tests are designed to determine if your hearing loss can be corrected medically or improved with the use of hearing aids.


Reviewing Your Hearing Test Results

Once the hearing exam is completed, your results will be reviewed with you and discussed thoroughly.

As your test is administered, your results are collected on an audiogram which is a chart that graphically shows exactly what you can hear, the sounds that were more challenging to hear, and which speech sounds may no longer be within your hearing range.

Your audiogram also shows the specifics of your hearing in each ear which will also be reviewed with you. Hearing loss can be different in both ears so understanding how each ear is impacted by hearing loss is important.

Using this data as well as the information provided during your intake (symptoms, hearing health history, lifestyle factors, etc.); we are able to diagnose your hearing loss and also provide recommendations for effective treatment options.

We encourage you to ask any questions you may have at any part of hearing evaluations so that you have a greater understanding of your hearing health.

Treating Hearing Loss

Hearing evaluations can help audiologists assess if the hearing loss can be addressed by hearing aids or cochlear implants.

Hearing aids are technologically savvy hearing instruments that are designed to collect, amplify, and process sound.

Hearing aids offer life-changing benefits that improve quality of life: strengthened communication, improved relationships, enriched social engagement, enhanced job performance, etc.

Additionally, hearing aids improve overall health by reducing the risk of developing other health conditions that are associated with hearing loss including cognitive decline, depression, and accidental injuries. In conjunction with these devices, we also offer Functional Hearing Assessments to ensure optimal hearing.

Hearing Evaluations | Salisbury, NC

At Hearing Solutions of North Carolina, we specialize in providing individualized care that transforms your health and quality of life.

We use our extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience to comprehensively identify and meet your needs.

As part of our commitment to provide the best hearing care, we offer comprehensive hearing evaluations using best practices and state-of-the art tools and equipment.

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