Hearing Technology

27Jul 2017
Our patient Butch loves his new LiNX 3D hearing aids from ReSound

We’ve been involved with the hearing industry for more than 30 years, both on the manufacturing side and directly helping patients live a higher quality of life. When we treat patients, we encourage them to bring a close family member, usually a spouse. The spouse is closest to the situation and is aware of some […]

03May 2016

For years, his wife urged him to do something about his hearing struggles.  As the the years passed, the volume on the TV, radio and phone kept going up.  Forget about a quick conversation during the commercial break, the TV was too loud.  Mark Stout, owner of Stout Heating and Air just couldn’t hear. Like […]

17Feb 2016

We strongly believe in patient education. The more our patients understand their individual hearing challenges the easier it becomes to address them. Hearing is a very complex system and our technology has advanced greatly to enhance the listening experience. As part of our community outreach, we hosted a Brunch and Learn (thank you Poppa Nick […]

27Aug 2015

Linda came into our office this summer and was very excited to learn that her hearing aids could be connected to her AppleWatch and iPhone. In this video she shares how these hearing aids from ReSound fit into her busy and active lifestyle. Linda loves having the latest in new smart technology, which doesn’t end […]

22Jul 2015

I recently had the very special privilege to tour the ReSound Research and Development facility in Glenview Illinois. As someone who has closely watched the evolution of hearing devices over the past 30 years I jumped at the opportunity. I marvel at the advancements—quite simply hearing aids are dramatically more precise, more powerful and far […]