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Dr. Lorin S. Oden is a Proud Member of the Best Practice Pro Network

Recognized by Audiologist and YouTuber Dr. Cliff Olson for providing best practices in the industry, Dr. Oden utilizes use her expertise and experience to help each new and current patient with their journey to better hearing.

For over 35 years Dr. Oden has been following best industry practices to ensure your treatment plan is customized for your individual hearing needs.  Through a person-center care approach to hearing treatment together we will work toward maximum hearing outcomes.

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About the Best Practice Pro Network

Launched by Dr. Olson, audiologist and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona, the Dr. Cliff Au.D. network includes a select group of audiologists who believe in the Best Practice approach to audiological care. Olson and the Dr. Cliff Au.D. Network hand picks audiologists from across the country who meet the standards of his proven methods.

Ready to succeed with your own hearing goals and witness the Best Practices difference for yourself? Contact Hearing Solutions of North Carolina for more information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Oden today!

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