Dr. Sadie Mussler


Hard to believe half of the year is over.  Time to celebrate the birth of our nation.  One of my favorite 4th of July activities is watching fireworks while floating on the waters of High Rock Lake. If you are going to celebrate with a loud bang, be sure to remember your ears.  You can damage your auditory system with one loud explosion or many over an extended period. 

If you have been reading my last several Savvy issues, you know we were asked to help a young woman in Rwanda get a replacement for her broken hearing aid. With the help of Krista Woolly, executive director at the Community Care Clinic of Rowan and the non-profit Hearing the Call, I am thrilled to report Yvonne has finally received her Oticon power behind the ear hearing aid.  Her hearing aid was hand delivered.  The 3-month effort was definitely worth the wait. 

This month we welcomed the newest member of the Hearing Solutions team.  We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Sadie Mussler joined us June 19th.  I met Dr. Mussler at the North Carolina Academy of Audiology conference in November.  She was finishing her doctorate training at Birkdale Audiology in Huntersville. Dr. Kelly Knollhoff, her supervisor, is a friend of mine and thought she would be a good fit for my practice.  I knew she had excellent training, and it was time to add additional audiology services. I believe the gods were aligned.  It is a perfect match as she and her husband have their home only 5 minutes away from the office.  Originally from Raleigh, she received a strong foundation from East Tennessee State University, enjoys private practice and will add a lot to the care we provide.

With another audiologist on staff, we plan to expand the services we provide.  The likelihood of a fall over the age of 65 increases by 50%.  Once you experience your first fall you increase your risk for additional falls.  The leading cause of death over the age of 65 is complications from falls. The cost of having a fall and subsequent falls is very high.  Information from our auditory, visual, and somatosensory systems all provide our brain with information that helps to keep us upright.  Wouldn’t it be great to know if you are at risk of experiencing a fall? We plan to incorporate fall risk screenings so appropriate referrals can be made to help you prevent the dreaded first fall.  

According to the American Tinnitus Association, 50 million Americans experience tinnitus with nearly 20 million of those cases considered to be chronic. For two million the condition is extreme and debilitating.  We know there currently is no cure, but, being told to “live with it” is not the answer.  With proper testing to identify the possible cause, retraining and counseling, we can help many people cope with the annoyance of this unwanted sound and associated hearing sensitivity.  Stay tuned for more information as we develop our tinnitus treatment plans. 

So, if you would like to meet Dr. Mussler, give Jamie or Diane a call at 704-633-0023 to schedule a consultation.  Jane, Cheryl, and I look forward to seeing you as well.  Be sure to visit our website at www.hearingsolutionsofnc.com and like us on Facebook.