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Have You Heard? April 2021

If you have been reading the past few of my articles in the Senior Savvy, you know we were fortunate to participate in the ReSound Gives Sound program. One of our major hearing aid manufacturers awarded 284 people in the United States with a set of hearing aids who have been financially impacted by the pandemic. Two of our patients were awarded with a set of complimentary hearing aids and their lives have been changed forever.

Barbara who has been caring for her father, recently divorced, has gone back to school.  She had been struggling to hear her instructors who were instructing via Zoom.  Since getting her new ears, she has been hearing her instructors without difficulty and her grades have significantly improved.

Maya, who had gone back to school to get her certificate as a pharmacy technician, lost her job due to her hearing challenges.  The day after getting her Resound hearing aids she was offered a position in a Walmart pharmacy and had no difficulty understanding her orientation instructor.  Since getting her hearing aids she received an offer from Campbell’s with an 80% increase in salary.  We are thrilled to have played a part in her advancements in what life has to offer.

We are thankful for the opportunity to offer two of our patient’s the gift of better hearing.  These two women have connected with each other, sharing their stories and have bonded in a way we never thought possible.

We have been so fortunate to have the local physicians, retirement communities, senior centers and residents of the area be so supportive of the services we provide.  We believe giving back to the community is so important.  To give to Barbara, Maya and so many others is a big part of what we do.

It is not often that we toot our own horn, but after receiving the letter below I felt we needed to share.  You may know Fran from his weekly articles in the Salisbury Post.  He donated an old set of hearing aids to a friend of his who was not receiving the proper care from the VA.  We were honored to help a veteran and share the gift of better hearing.  For that reason, I would like to share the letter Fran wrote to me:

“Dr. Oden, I want to take a moment to say thank you for the excellent care you have provided me since I moved here over 12 years ago.  As a retired healthcare administrator, I can be a hard grader when it comes to patient care, and you and your team get an “A”.

As you know, I have hearing loss that runs in my family, and gets worse with age.   You have coached me through these continual changes, provided excellent testing, introduced me to new products that match my situation when they come on the market, and helped me adapt as things change.

The entire team of yourself, Beth, Jamie, and Jane are always quick to call me back or respond to an email, and have been flexible when work causes a change in my scheduled appointment.

I also want to applaud the fact that all of you are good teachers, patient with my questions, showing me how things work, and pointing me to scientific literature when I dive into the weeds.

And this note would not be complete if I did not applaud the work you do helping provide hearing aids and solutions to those in need.  I know how much you have changed people’s lives through your team’s generosity.

Feel free to use me as a personal and professional reference if I can support you in any way.

With respect,

Fran Koster”

Providing audiological care for 35 years I have never received a letter like this.  To know our efforts are appreciated to this level make it all worthwhile.  For this reason Jane, Jamie, Diane and I “come to work” every day.  Thank you Fran…we are so thankful you are part of our Hearing Solutions family.

If you would like to become a member of our family please give Jamie or Diane a call to schedule an appointment. Visit our website at www.hearingsolutionsofnc.com or like us on Facebook to learn more information.  Jane and I look forward to seeing you soon.