Have You Heard? January 2019

Well, 2018 is gone and 2019 is here. Every New Year brings new renewal, new thoughts, a new beginning, and new resolutions too. So we all have pledged to make the year “2019” better than the year “2018”.

Let’s take a moment to review what Hearing Solutions of North Carolina was able to accomplish in 2018.

In March we introduced our Lease program.  The ability to make a monthly payment to wear hearing devices, has been a wonderful option for many of our patients. Instead of purchasing your hearing aid, you can take advantage of advanced technology in 36-48 months, just like a car or cell phone.  We have waited many years for this option.

This past spring, we made the decision that it was important for Jane and I to block our schedule in order to leave the office and visit our many wonderful, local physicians.  The many hats our primary care physicians and internists wear is extensive.  It is easy to forget the importance of hearing, when hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease takes their focus.  Constant reminders have resulted in many patients receiving the necessary hearing evaluations, medical referral and amplification.

This summer we redesigned our website.  After many months of writing, re-writing, taking photos, we finally launched in October.  Since many are no longer taking the newspaper and read the local news on their computer, we have increased our online presence. Be sure to check out all the great information at www.hearingsolutionsofnc.com.

Our Hear4USolutions classes have continued to gain in popularity.  The response has been very positive.  John H. suggested everyone who wears hearing aids should take the class and have their spouse or primary communication partner attend as well.  The next class is in February.  Give Jamie a call to register.

October, our primary hearing aid supplier introduced their 4th generation Linx.  As discussed in last month’s Senior Savvy article, the results have been extremely positive.  Hearing clearly in very difficult listening environments, has been the common thread.  Carolyn even heard well at a table for 8 at The Crackle Barrel.  Remarkable!

Early in 2019, our lobby television will not only be playing great music but providing informational content to enhance your experience in our office.

Jane, Beth, Jamie and I promise to continue to provide the best hearing healthcare available.  By continuing our education, community outreach and relationships with our local medical providers, we hope you will consider us for your next hearing evaluation, hearing aids or hearing protection.

What will be your 2019 New Year resolutions? The ear is one of the most important sense organs. Thus the resolution to make hearing better in 2019 is the important and practical resolution. Get on the road to success by setting practical goals for a healthier lifestyle, which includes your hearing healthcare.

Give Beth or Jamie a call at (704) 212-2376 to schedule your appointment. Jane and I look forward to seeing you soon.