Here’s To Something Happy In The New Year…

We have all been looking forward to 2021 and here it is.  Last year was definitely a year filled with adversity, including natural disasters, financial pressure, and a pandemic resulting in reduced social togetherness.  So therefore, it’s more important than ever to lend a hand to those in our community, especially those most impacted by this past year’s challenges. Hearing Solutions of North Carolina is pleased to announce that we are partnering with the “ReSound Gives Sound” program to help deliver up to $1 million dollars’ worth of Resound ONE hearing devices to those in need program.

I have been working with ReSound as one our major hearing aid manufacturers for almost 30 years.  They have continuously provided us with excellent hearing devices, customer service and the support necessary that enables us to take care of our folks the best we can.  This is the first project of this magnitude that we are aware of.  We are honored to have been chosen to participate in this wonderful project.  We want to lend a hand to those in our community who are struggling with hearing challenges, especially those most impacted by the pandemic.

Hearing Solutions is relying on those in our community to step up and nominate someone they know who have experienced hardship in 2020 and could really benefit from having the latest hearing aid technology.  If you know someone that could benefit, please call our clinic at (704) 212-2376 and Beth or Jamie will take your nomination over the phone.  You can also visit our website at and make your nomination online.  If you prefer you can email me directly ( and submit your application.  Please provide a brief explanation why you think your nominee is deserving of hearing help and how they have been affected by the events in 2020.  Please include their name and phone number.

Nominations must be received by January 15th 2021.  As a participating clinic of this wonderful program, we have agreed to waive any initial fitting fees.  Resound will make their selection in February and lucky recipients will receive their new ears by mid-March.

Jane, Beth Jamie and I wish you a very Healthy Happy New Year.  We look forward to seeing you soon.