19Jan 2018

This week we welcome back two former patients. Yes that does seem a bit odd to say. Former patients that thought perhaps they could save a few dollars and get the same result. Not quite the outcome they were hoping for.

06Jan 2018

It is an interesting fact that the beginning of a new year brings about thoughts of change.  Did you know that approximately 45% of Americans make New Year resolutions?  We imagine ourselves in that new job or smaller pants size.  A Journal of Clinical Psychology studies found that people who make resolutions, are 10 times […]

05Nov 2017

Every month Dr. Oden writes a column in the Rowan Senior Savvy under the headline “Have You Heard?” In the November 2017 Senior Savvy she shares a recent travel experience and discusses the proliferation of hearing loss.

16Aug 2017

I am an Audiologist.  Most of the time the response I receive after telling someone that is “come again?”, “say what?”  Audiologists possess amazing knowledge and skills that can change someone’s life, but we have had a difficult time spreading the word.

27Jul 2017
Our patient Butch loves his new LiNX 3D hearing aids from ReSound

We’ve been involved with the hearing industry for more than 30 years, both on the manufacturing side and directly helping patients live a higher quality of life. When we treat patients, we encourage them to bring a close family member, usually a spouse. The spouse is closest to the situation and is aware of some […]

18Jul 2017

As I drive to and from work each day, I enjoy reading the church marquees that dot the road ways.  Some provide information on upcoming events; others are clever play on words as to the benefit of worship and fellowship found within their walls. One particular afternoon, after picking up some dinner at the Harris […]