Not only a wonderful audiologist, Dr. Oden writes a column titled “Have You Heard?” You can read the March 2017 Senior Savvy piece right here in case you didn’t see it at your favorite cafe, store or coffee stop in Rowan County. Or maybe her compelling introduction for our newest team member Jane  you want to read it again!

“Good things come to those who wait”, is an English phrase extolling the virtues of patience. This phrase was first spoken in 1892 by Violet Fane, a British novelist, poet, and essayist of the Victorian Era.

During the setup phase of Hearing Solutions of North Carolina, in the early part of 2011, I contacted my partner in the audiology department of Carolina Head and Neck Specialists in Concord, about joining me.  At that time, she decided to stay in Concord due to the uncertainty of a new office and the driving distance from her home to Salisbury.

The outcome of that decision was actually good for her and me, because I was able to bring in Beth as my office manager.  If you have been in our office or have talked to her on the phone, you know I could not have asked for a better person to take care of my patients and to work with each day. Good things do come, as Violet once said.

So where am I going with this you ask?

After Dr. Allen resigned to take a position in Greensboro, I needed to find someone to help in the office.  The reception, from the community, Beth and I have received has been amazing.  So amazing, I cannot take care of everyone by myself.

So, I reached out to my former colleague from Concord, once again, to see if she was happy with her current situation.  The merger with CEENTA had changed the work dynamic, so she was open to discussion.  After several days of talking and a bit of prayer, she once again decided to stay in Concord. Again I was disappointed, but respected her decision.

Last month I contacted her requesting information about a possible candidate to interview.  She shared her conflicts with her current employer and the discussions started, once again, about her joining Hearing Solutions.  She came to the office and we discovered she and Beth knew each other and have common family connections.  It was very important that Beth was comfortable with whomever I brought in.  It was a perfect match.

So, Beth and I are pleased to announce that Jane Walters, BC-HIS is a part of the Hearing Solutions family.

Hearing Solutions of North Carolina - Jan Walters, BC-HISA little bit of her history: Shortly after Jane began working with Drs. Chikes and Langford, she expressed interest in joining the audiology department.  She was enrolled in the Oto-Tech program through the Otolaryngology Head and Neck Association.  Under my direct supervision, she completed the course and began doing hearing evaluations.  In 2007, as my apprentice, she obtained her hearing instrument dispensing license and her Board Certification in 2008.  Her extensive training, thoroughness and her love of providing life changing hearing rehabilitation will make her a fantastic addition to our office.  I know you will enjoy working with her as I have.

With Jane on board, the superb services you have been receiving in our Salisbury location will continue.  We will also continue to provide diagnostic hearing evaluations for the physicians at Pinnacle Ear Nose Throat and Allergy as well as make our monthly visits to Trinity Oaks.  We hope to provide group rehabilitation classes, increase physician visits and have a larger presence in our community.

If you would like to stop in to meet Jane, please do so.  To schedule an appointment, call Beth at 704-633-0023.  We all look forward to seeing you soon.