5 Keys Online Communication Training Program

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Despite the incredible advancements in hearing aid technology, the fact remains that hearing aids are only one piece of the communication puzzle. As a patient of our clinic, we are proud to introduce you to an excellent new program called 5 Keys Communication. It is designed to help you overcome frustrations associated with hearing loss and has produced positive results for tens of thousands of people. Through a series of weekly emails, you will learn the 5 Keys to Communication Success. These quick and fun eLessons will teach you how to apply the 5 Keys to your most difficult listening situations. Each tip will also include helpful information about the care and use of your hearing aids as well as other important resources. The greatest part about these weekly eLessons is that you can share them with your family members and friends who might also benefit from the information. In fact, half of the lessons are written for the people in your life who need to do their part in communicating clearly so that you can better understand them. So we encourage you to share them with everyone who talks to you on a regular basis! This awesome new resource is now available to all of our patients. In order to claim your subscription to the 5 Keys Online Communication Training Program please click the button below to fill out the registration form.

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