October is Audiology Awareness Month! The American Academy of Audiology is encouraging you to remember how important your hearing is to your daily life, along with encouraging hearing screenings and hearing protection. One in four U.S. adults has hearing loss due to noise exposure!  We talked last month about activities this time of year that are too loud; such as Read more
The summer has flown by and fall is right around the corner.  With fall, comes the start of hunting season as the leaves begin to fall from the trees. Gun shots and leaf blowers are just a few of the harmful sounds that can affect our hearing. What is noise-induced hearing loss?  Every day, we experience sound in our environment, such Read more
There’s really no way around it.  If you are active during the summer months or around water, moisture is one of the major reasons hearing aids are sent to the manufacturer for repair service. If you know you’ll be immersed in water, remove your hearing devices and store them in a safe, dry place. Consider keeping a variety of small, Read more
Several times throughout the year I like to write about “stuff” that happened recently in our office.  Now is the time to do that again. **If you did not catch last month’s Senior Savvy, we are partnering with The Community Care Clinic of Rowan to provide their patients hearing services.  We are in need of used hearing aids that are Read more
Have you ever wondered what to do with your old hearing aids after you upgrade to newer technology?  Well, we have a use for those older devices that are still in fairly good condition. Jane, Beth, Jamie and I are proud to announce our support of the Community Care Clinic of Rowan County.  For years we have been a sponsor Read more
Last week my mother called excited to tell me that her recent April issue of AARP magazine had a featured article about hearing loss and hearing aids.  She wanted to be sure that I saw it. If not, she would mail it to me.  Since May is Better Hearing and Speech Month, I encourage you to read that article if Read more
Now that spring has finally arrived, it is a great time to make some changes.  Did you know that you are your best advocate for your own hearing health?  Self-advocacy to improve one’s hearing and comprehension is not always easy.  But, with practice, you can effectively communicate your hearing and listening needs to those around you. Self-Advocacy Begins With Self-Knowledge Read more
Once upon a time, during fetal development at about 20 weeks of gestation, our hearing capacity begins.  At this time, we hear the lower tones of our mother’s voice and develop our first recognition of a parent.  We also hear internal sounds of our mother’s digestion and other body noises. Because of this connection, it is suggested that the first Read more
This year will mark my 34th year as an audiologist and 8th as a small business owner.  Keeping up with the latest in technology, testing procedures and the operations of running a business is never ending.  As a relatively new business owner I belong to a group that meets monthly in Salisbury, comprised of other small business owners.  One of the members Read more
Well, 2018 is gone and 2019 is here. Every New Year brings new renewal, new thoughts, a new beginning, and new resolutions too. So we all have pledged to make the year “2019” better than the year “2018”. Let’s take a moment to review what Hearing Solutions of North Carolina was able to accomplish in 2018. In March we introduced Read more