I hope you had an opportunity to read my article in last month’s Senior Savvy.  To recap, we have been invited by the Turks and Caicos’ government to provide services to the residents of their beautiful islands.  They are sponsoring the trip through our support of Entheos Audiology Co-operative Non-profit “Hearing the Call”.  Jane and I will be heading there Read more
I know I have shared that this past year we joined an audiology co-operative called Entheos (enthusiasm).  I must say it has been one of the very best Hearing Solutions decisions I have ever made. The strategic pillars of the co-op are: “Being 100% member-owned means that you buy from yourself. The benefits of the organization stay with the members Read more
Before I get started with this month’s topic, I need to once again strongly encourage you to wear your hearing protection when using power tools, tractors, lawn equipment, going to the races or a music concert. In addition, do NOT wear your earbuds to listen to music without any type of noise reduction when mowing your lawn.  You may think Read more
HAVE YOU HEARD? We hope that you had a wonderful holiday season and that 2023 brings you good health and happiness.  We have some very exciting things going on at Hearing Solutions of North Carolina for this upcoming year.  I will keep you in suspense and share with you as they develop. If you have chosen us as your hearing Read more
over-the-counter hearing aids
On August 16th the US Food and Drug Administration finalized its rules for the creation of a new class of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids that are designed to make amplification more affordable and accessible to consumers (ages 18+) with mild to moderate hearing loss. Five years in the making, these new rules allow hearing aids to be sold over the counter. Read more
noise-induced hearing loss
We hope you are enjoying the summer and staying cool when needed.  Hard to believe August is upon us and school is right around the corner.  July has come and gone and is an especially noisy month.  I love to watch fireworks and my husband likes to make a lot of noise blowing things up while we celebrate our country's Read more
ramsey hunt syndrome
The Ramsey Hunt Syndrome (RHS) has gained increasing awareness since Justin Bieber’s diagnosis went public in June. As an audiologist, I immediately wondered if it would affect his hearing which could in turn possibly affect his career. On the popstar’s Instagram, he showed how the syndrome has affected the muscles on one side of his face. He was unable to Read more
hearing services
July 18 is World Listening Day. To celebrate, I want to discuss the processes that allow us to experience the wonderful sounds around us. Did you know that we don’t listen with our ears? Instead, we hear sounds with our ears and listen with our brains. Our ears are responsible for detecting sound and transmitting the signal to our auditory Read more
Last month was Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month.  No, I didn’t forget to tell you about it (my memory is pretty good so far) it is just we had other things to talk about.  So, what is all this talk about brain health, concerns over memory issues and cognitive decline have to do with a private practice audiology clinic? Let’s Read more
Everyday Sounds People Miss 
Hearing loss progresses slowly. In its early stages, hearing loss is nearly imperceptible. The only clue that one’s hearing has changed may be the occasional misunderstanding of a word. As hearing loss progresses, however, most people notice increased difficulty when listening in background noise, often asking others to repeat themselves. In most cases, friends and family of the person with Read more