I Can't Do It Paper, Scissors Cutting of 't Part
February is known for Valentine’s Day, but did you know that February 3rd is National Optimist Day? Optimism can be described as a reflection of hope and positivity during hard times. Finding optimism during challenging times can be hard and maintaining positivity can be stressful when facing adversity. How does one find optimism when given a diagnosis they were not Read more
Have You Heard?
We are excited to celebrate a new year.  Growing up, I remember my grandparents questioning where the time has gone.  We were all excited to get to 2021 and leave 2020 behind.  Well, it is already 2022 so I ask “where did 2021 go?”  For us at Hearing Solutions, it had been a year of change. Beth Arey, my office Read more
Resolve to Treat Your Hearing Loss in 2022
The New Year is quickly approaching and with it comes the hope for a better start! For many, relationships are restored, projects are completed, gym memberships are purchased, and resolutions are made for the coming year. People have a genuine desire to live a better year than the previous one. Unfortunately, they often overlook a very important part of their Read more
Have You Heard?
November was National Diabetes Month. It is well documented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that diabetes, with projections to impact one in three adults by 2050, brings with it a multitude of related risks and side effects. The most serious—and life-threatening—of which are heart attack, stroke, cancer and kidney damage. Others include fatigue, digestive (bloating, heartburn, Read more
6 Communication Strategies to Help Hearing Aid Users
Good communication habits are vital in any relationship but especially when talking to someone with hearing aids. By acting strategically about where, when, and how to communicate, friends and relatives can avoid miscommunication pitfalls and optimize their interactions. A person’s success with hearing aids can be strongly influenced by using the following six strategies: 1. Avoid talking from different rooms. Read more
We Are Thankful For You
Hard to believe the holiday season is quickly approaching.  November is always a time to pause for Thanksgiving.  It has been a family tradition in my home, ever since my boys were young that we say a blessing before we eat dinner together then go around the table saying what we are thankful for on that day.  It is easy Read more
Check Your Hearing This November for American Diabetes Month
Participate in American Diabetes Month by scheduling an appointment for a hearing test. Over 34 million people in the U.S. have diabetes. This life-long condition can increase health risks including contributing to the development of hearing loss. People with diabetes can be twice as likely to also experience hearing loss compared to people without it.    Link Between Diabetes & Read more
Why You Should Choose Board-Certified Audiologists & Hearing Instrument Specialists for Your Hearing Needs
Hearing aids are increasingly recognized as crucially important medical devices. Once hearing loss becomes an issue, it can set off a cascade of negative outcomes for our health and well-being if it is not appropriately treated with hearing aids. Those with untreated hearing loss are at a significantly increased risk of depression, accidental injury, earlier onset of cognitive decline and Read more
October is Protect Your Hearing Month
October is National Protect Your Hearing Month. This is a great time to think about the ways you might be making yourself unnecessarily vulnerable to hearing loss, and to schedule a hearing test if you haven’t had one in a while. Regular Hearing Tests The Better Hearing Institute, a non-profit organization, recommends getting a hearing test once every decade until Read more
Cognivue cognitive certification
I am proud to announce we are Cognitive Hearing Healthcare Providers.  We have completed the CogniHear course and successfully passing several module exams.  The CogniHear training program is truly like no other! This program connects current research on cognitive and auditory processing pertaining to age-related hearing loss, with clinical application. The result is a better patient experience, improved adoption rates, Read more